Human Cognition 101

Ad-hoc explanations out of the air

We publish the parts of a bigger article which is being in elaboration now. As everything else posted at M&M, this text is going to consider several absolutely non-related issues, the only common point of which is human consciousness. Maximus&Magnus           


“Gammel vane er vond å vende” [1] 

Norwegian proverb

One always hears about how valuable tradition is, but how detrimental it can be is often forgotten. If something has been thought about – and maybe also taught about! – a particular way for years and even generations, how difficult is it not to think about it differently! Not only must one’s own habit be combated, but a certain way of doing things is often accompanied by a belief that this is how it should be done. And beliefs are not something we easily trade… Continue reading


Omveltning av alle verdier del I – De-evaluation

There is no wrong morality. Philosophy of morality has to deal with life and not reason – with the real and not the ideal. As mentioned in Morality and Reason, a purely abstract philosophy of morality that is interested in absolute truth (not just relative to some assumptions) will always be stillborn. Only by our belief in truth have we been able to prove it, but, in such a secular world, most agree: belief is no proof. For the abstract philosophy, I can say: to call a morality wrong is to make a moral judgment, and so one needs a morality to comment on the rightness of morality, but no morality can comment on itself.

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Love Thyself or Anthropodicy

Self – is the answer for all questions.

Maybe The Socratic Turn was too intensive and came back into initial position after running through all the 360 degrees?

Unlike the sociocentric people of Africa and Asia we, westerners, live in individualistic societies, but for some mysterious reason, beyond all the human rights and freedoms, we have almost lost the meaning of the individual. Continue reading

The Importance of Man

We measure everything on the scale of the universe, of God, of nature, and of humanity, and when we find that we are nothing on these scales, we somehow get disappointed. But we have not become less; these scales are not our scales and how could we then measure anything by them? – The only scale is personal, and here nothing is larger than Life.

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The Weight of Freedom

For most of humanity’s existence, our goal has been to stay alive, and for this outward struggle for food, shelter and security, against disease and nature, we are well adapted and well experienced. This endless toil has been like the boulder of Sisyphus for us – but this toil has ended. We have created societies and states in which all this is provided, from birth, in great abundance compared to even the very close past. But our bodies are made for working, and our brains for thinking, and so we will always struggle against something. And in the modern day this struggle is not for staying alive, but with living, and for this, we have no experience and the education and social structure of our societies leaves us wholly unprepared for it.

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