The Highest Payoff

Evolution follows a very simple rule: genes live on only if passed on. Clearly then, the organisms that prevail in nature are those who are able to pass on their genes; those that are best able to protect themselves and their offspring. Since all the creatures are the result of such a harsh process, they are adapted to serve themselves – or, rather, their genes. This is interpreted as meaning that we measure the payoff of actions in promoting oneself and one’s position. And, as much is true, we always try to maximize the payoff of something. But, from a simple rule one can get a complex system. Continue reading


Encouragement and Punishment: Behaviour Syndrome

Usual system of early education, based on encouragement and punishment, affects mainly the animal nature of human, but every action is doomed to have a counteraction. And our animal nature, which has since the childhood become a main part of our social life, produces in the future such anomalies as fear, feeling of vanity and inferiority, and all the psychoanalytical complexes according to the list. In Japan children were traditionally allowed to do anything at all until the age of 6-7 – probably that is the reason why prewar Japanese culture has conquered one of the biggest animal fears of all – the fear of death.

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