About M&M

Have you ever asked yourself: why should one write a novel if one knows its denouement?

The answer is simple: one does not know it.

The act of speech in itself – be it written or verbal –  is of cognition. Searching a word, following an idea, weighing an opinion do not necessarily lead to new knowledge. What they certainly lead to – is a change – changing the speaker into himself.

The authors of Maximus&Magnus consider such a change as the only opportunity of discovering and transforming the world. They do not know the denouement of this blog – because the main force for its development is its reader. The wholesome consequences of speech become truly powerful in the point where the speech turns into dialogue. So the main goal of  M&M – is to be such a point.

Up and down, right and wrong, own and strange – you can forget all this stepping into Maximus&Magnus – a space without mental limitations.

Welcome, you eager and bashful! We are playing here with glassy balls of concepts – but play them carefully – we know the price of mistake.



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