Cynical bastards

bullThe image of politicians and rich businessmen who rub their hands as they consciously conspire to knowingly harm innocents, steal from the poor and commit great injustice to society in order to get more money and power for themselves is a common one. One often thinks that they know themselves how harmful and detrimental their actions are, and know how to do things in a way that is better for society, but simply do not care. They care only about their bank account.

It often seems more likely they care so much about their bank account and themselves that they cannot fathom that what benefits them can be bad for society. A government policy that helps them cannot be unfair – it is only just that they get what they deserve. So they think.

It may be that the politician who hides details from the people and gives a dishonest representation of an issue does so not consciously to get power or money for himself, but because he is convinced it is for the country’s best. If you know better than everyone else, it is simply for the benefit of everyone that you are in control and make the decisions. And it is only fair that you get paid well for it. Convictions are strong motivators, and if someone is very good at working towards a goal it may be that they are convinced in the “rightness” of it.

There is a great difference between being a narcissist lacking self-insight and simply being cynical and cruel. The former you cannot reason with because they are not consciously aware. The latter you cannot reason with because they are completely reasonable.



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