What is wrong with religion?

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It is often claimed that people are religious because they fear death and/or the idea of eternal bliss and salvation sounds so tempting. If one is religious only because it puts oneself in a much better position (one imagines), why believe in a religion that puts so many restrictions on one’s own and others’ life? Why believe in a religion that condemns others? In particular, why believe in a religion that makes one not only feel guilt for one’s thoughts and actions, but also fear that either oneself or those one is close will be condemned by God? If religions are made for personal justification and comfort, then they are quite poorly constructed. If humans believe largely for personal reasons, then why does most religions say so much about everyone else?


One thought on “What is wrong with religion?

  1. So far the majority has obviously been favouring the “hive switch” explanation for the religiosity. I want to emphasize that here we discuss exactly religiosity, and not the explanation for the religion or personal spirituality. Choosing to become religious one chooses to accept the rituals, philosophy and ways of life of a religious group. In this sense I agree that the “hive switch” plays an important role here. But is it not also true that the “hive switch” can affect only those who are already inclined to appreciate the “hive’s” values from before?


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