Creation or Production?

Creative work can be considered as the only obvious trait which makes human and animal different. We seem to know everything about it: early and modern history, common definition, manifestations. But we are still too far away from an understanding of what creation essentially is. Why do we have desire to create? Where do ideas for the creation come from? What is creative and what is not?

In a very common sense creation is usually defined as producing of something new. The two criterias very soon become baseless in contemporary art and technical achievements: Damien Hirst’s shark in formaldehyde or Apple IPhone 6 can hardly be called new. Postmodernism has already admitted that the civilisation is stuck in a phase of repetitions and variations. Production itself has also nothing to do with creation: in the century of over-production we seem to be as far from being creative as never before, and scientists and politics agree that the level of education and culture is decreasing, though knowledge and artists are multiplying.

The term “creation” itself is poorly developed. It has too many religious, artistic, industrial and psychological connotations, replacing it’s initial features by the features of the products of human activity. But creation is not a product, it is not even a process of producing new – it is a process of becoming “what one is”. We are so used to sort people into creative and non-creative groups, that creation seems to us either lovely hobby or elite’s property. In fact, creation is the only natural state of man.

We have spent centuries fighting with our animal nature, then years, proving that we had not been descended from monkeys. Is it not time to stop all the denying and to see the obvious predestination of man? Why do we suffer during boredom and stagnation? Why do we always deny the old? Why do we copy the world around us with a small difference –  of making it even better? A single person likewise the whole society cannot live without a change and a movement, and this is what the latest civilisation is an example of. Human has a unique property – beeing able to transform the space around according to his consciousness, will and scale. But the might of our civilization with all its cultures, societies and industries is impressive only as a proof of this property. The only real thing that one creates – is oneself.


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