The Importance of Man

We measure everything on the scale of the universe, of God, of nature, and of humanity, and when we find that we are nothing on these scales, we somehow get disappointed. But we have not become less; these scales are not our scales and how could we then measure anything by them? – The only scale is personal, and here nothing is larger than Life.

We question whether or not our existence has a purpose, but the question is the answer itself: we are the only thing in the Universe with a chance of purpose, for purpose is created by us. Even if we have not been given a goal with our existence, we still move – and have always moved. The explanation why will probably never be found because it is very likely it does not exist. Why do we care about what is “meant to be”, and not what is?

The inspiration, mystery, intensity, love and miracles that Man has experienced, what does it matter if it comes from the supernatural, the divine, or is just a chemical reaction! – it is still there, beyond our description, and if it did not come from outside us, it comes from within us. And we can tap into it, enjoy it, feel it and be empowered by it, if we only would let ourselves. If we would only be open for it, and patient.

The Universe will not become smaller if we prove it is nothing more than a big watch mechanism. Nature will stay equally perfect either it is the fruit of the evolution or not. And within or without God humanity will eternally move somewhere, consciously or unconsciously, for it is impossible for an energy system to stand still. We live in a world where we can not prove even our own existence, but once we dare just to exist we immediately reach something, which only a dream can give us. Well, probably, we are only dreaming. But then our existence is even more curious, for there is nothing one should not expect from the dream.


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