The Impotence of Man

We must admit it, we are animals. The separation between human and beast has only been made because we cannot stand the thought of our lives being as empty as the animal’s: a struggle for survival – for the sake of survival. But truth does not care about our opinion. It seems we already know this truth. It must have shined on us bright as the sun when we admitted as a fact that we are a result of evolution. Good thing evolution equipped us with all the tools for denial and to con ourselves – con-Man…

The conclusion and consequence of such an origin is inescapable; what is evolution? – it is a consequence of the properties of “living” material. Reproduction transmits your genes – the whole explanation for our existence summed up in four words! Purpose, meaning, joy, happiness, love, or morals, values, principles – all these things we so desperately desire in our lives – does not play a part. They are only a byproduct! – no wonder why they so often “malfunction”; their function is not what we wish it to be. And no mountain has ever been moved by our faith…

How can we even be surprised at all the crime, misery and war, of which our history is an endless cycle. Our great ideas ends in the guillotine or the gulag; we remain what we are, despite all our hopes, dreams and efforts. Some animals fight, even to death, just to choose a mate – why should evolution have led us to a better existence? The disharmony in individual and society, the contradictions and complications, suffering and alienation, are not these equally worthy byproducts? The idea of worth and value, of good and bad, it comes from us, not before us. Nature has no such concepts; worth does not take part in Einstein’s equations. Our population increases; we are successful…


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