The downfall of all potential to change is the lack of urgency or necessity – or lack of belief. It must be apparent to the self-aware person that society is flawed. The cheap answer is that it will always be flawed since humans are flawed (errare humanum est), but that was equally true in medieval times – yet we have moved beyond that. The modern crisis is one of apathy, leisure, emptiness and old habits. How do we motivate ourselves against this? It seems such a motivation would be a solution in itself, but easy solutions are always hard to accomplish. What is easy for us? – this is one of many questions we must tackle.

Movement is nothing more than putting one foot in front of the other, and this was the first thing we learned when we were children. Somewhere, somehow, this most natural and easy act became immeasurably heavy and difficult. We acquired the ability to walk by our own power, but whereto – this we did not discover, did not learn, but was taught and told. Surely then: this is not our path. Movement – it is difficult not merely because we cannot find the proper motivation, reason or goal, but because we are given the wrong motivation, reason and goal. What is easy for us? To learn. What is difficult? To unlearn.

Who are you? – one against the world. But society is in essence a collection of individuals: when it moves, they follow – but also; when they move, it responds. How is progress achieved? – not by conformity, by passively following; not in solitude, by standing still – but through bravery, through daring, daring to discover oneself – discovering your society; through experimentation. – Not by being willed, but by willing, and here one must not forget: a great power – and the greatest danger – of society is deceit: making one deceive oneself. But remember also: if the pawn finds its path it can topple kings! Easy for us – is our path.


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