6 thoughts on “VIII

  1. If you answer bad, then what is bad? Is saving a child from certain death which later grows up to be a serial killer good? What if you somehow knew what the child would someday be capable of?


  2. The very best answer is question.
    Counter-question: is a serial killing bad? The fact that we consider the answer as obvious doesn’t mean we really know it. And probably the lack of this knowledge is the real reason of murders.


    • By stretching and twisting it, serial killing could be considered a good deed if you’re cynical and think of it as decreasing the problem of overpopulation. It’s all about presenting your arguments correctly in my opinion.


      • To me, it seems as if you are talking about good only in the sense of “good for achieving X”, and thus good depends only on what you want to achieve. Good and bad exists only in a relative sense then. To build further on the somewhat extreme example, if the serial killer derives pleasure from his actions, the action is good for this purpose. If good is only connected to the goal of the action, how do one define what is a good goal? Without such a definition, the terms good and bad (or evil) become meaningless in their common sense.


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