What is the eastern border of Western civilization?


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    • Russia is not considered western (at least not by the west), but I’ll leave it to the russians here answer to what extent they feel Russia is being exploitet by the west.

      Second point: Exploited by the west as a whole, or by any country ‘representing’ the west? If the latter, does not the recent revelations by Snowden give ground to claim that the west exploits itself so to speak. Just not as openly – keeping the idea of a political entity “the west” alive.


  1. Interesting question, as this concept is usually left undefined! When the papers refer to this group, we all think we know who is included or excluded. Yet, there seems to be no natural, true, unambiguous unchangeable frontier between ‘Western cinilization’ and ‘others’. One way to distinguish the ‘western’ area from others could be by cooperation, culture or identity, but these variables are not easy to measure. We have the same challenge when trying to define the politico-cultural entity ‘Europe’.


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